Frequently Asked Questions2020-07-23T12:06:06+01:00

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the 3 items that appear in the budget settled?2020-07-23T12:10:26+01:00
  • Caregiver’s paycheck in the last five days of each month
  • The social security
  • The Prefiero en Casa fee for mediation services, recruitment, payroll preparation, replacement services and employment law advice.
When does the caregiver have to be paid?2020-07-23T12:09:39+01:00

The payment of the net amount to be paid will be made between the last 5 days of each month, once the payroll has been received.

How do you proceed with payment to the caregiver?2020-07-23T12:08:35+01:00

Prefiero en Casa will prepare the employee’s payroll on a monthly basis, specifying the liquid amount to be paid to the employee, and the Social Security Administration will directly debit the corresponding contribution to the bank account provided by the employer

Is it possible to cover the caregiver’s vacation period with another worker?2020-07-23T12:07:56+01:00

In this case, we would introduce you to a new caregiver to cover that temporary need. You must take into account that during the holidays the caregiver must also be paid, therefore that month, apart from the carer who is on holiday, the substitute carer must also be paid.

What if the employee has an accident at home?2020-07-23T12:07:28+01:00

As the employee is registered with  the Social Security Administration, he/she has all the relevant coverage.

Could the expense of hiring a caregiver be deductible?2020-07-23T12:04:44+01:00

There is no effect at all, the caregiver’s salary is an expense that is not deductible.

Who hires the worker?2020-07-23T11:52:51+01:00

The family is the one who hires the caregiver, Prefiero en Casa is responsible for all the procedures, drafting the employment contract, registration in the Social Security through the Red System, making monthly payroll and variations that may exist in the relationship such as temporary disability or sick leave.

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